I'm listening to the Harry Potter books (narrated by Stephen Fry, who does an excellent job) as my way of rereading the entire series, which I've been meaning to do for about 2 years now. As I listen, I'm noticing new things and remembering things I'd forgotten:

- I love how JKR seeds things into the first books that come up again in later books. I am in awe of her planning skills. I can't even imagine how detailed her notes must be.

- I am on book 4, and have been brought to tears twice- once at the end of book 1 when Hagrid gave Harry a book of pictures of his parents, the first he'd ever seen, and once after the first task when Harry and Ron make up and are friends again.

- Book 4 is like Wednesday. It's the "hump book" of the series. It's right in the middle, and it's sort of the transition from the beginning to the ending. It's my least favorite, too.

- I will never understand Snape lovers, or even just the people who say "Oh, Snape wasn't so bad!" Snape is a small, petty, horrible man. Halfway through the series, I've already lost track of how many times he has actively participated in the Slytherins picking on Harry. Why? Because he's the son of a guy he didn't like in school and the girl he had a crush on. Yeah, that's totally a good reason for a grown man to bully a kid. Uh, no. Grow up, dude, and get over yourself. Yeah, your time as school sucked, we understand you were bullied, but knowing how much it sucks to be bullied, your solution is to encourage bullying?

- I still don't like the idea of Ron & Hermione getting together. I'm dreading it. I can see where JKR is dropping the hints, as well as hints about Harry & Ginny, but I still don't like it. It still doesn't feel right or natural to me. So I'm going to keep pretending that Harry and Hermione got married and had awesomely adorable babies. With new names, none of this "Albus Severus" stuff.

- Book 4 really is my least favorite. I have to make myself listen to it. It's just so long and drawn-out, and it seems like most of the book has nothing to do with anything. But when I finish, I get to move on to books 5, 6, and 7! I like those books... so I will slog on.
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