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So I noticed that I've been getting crazy with the snooze button lately, hitting it every 5 minutes for up to 30 minutes or so. This happens sometimes, usually gradually. I get worse and worse about snoozing, then one day realize I'm hitting snooze for 45 minutes every morning (yes, it's gotten that bad before) so I do something drastic to get myself to stop. It works, and for a while I'm getting up shortly after my first alarm until I start slipping again.

I've never been able to get up with just the first alarm. I have to snooze at least once. I've tried not snoozing at all, and it just doesn't work. My brain has a block against such things.

Anyways, I'm in the "Oh man I need to cut this out!" stage of my snooze cycle, so I downloaded an alarm app for my Incredible that makes you solve math problem before it turns off. I have it set to Medium difficulty, with problems like "72-29+15". To hit snooze, I have to solve one such problem, to turn off the alarm completely I have to solve THREE. Correctly.

Yeah, it turns out I'm not good at doing math at 6:30 in the morning. This morning I think I got more wrong than I got right, though yesterday I got them all on the first try. BUT! It HAS helped me get up faster. I'm down to two snoozes before I get up. After forcing my poor brain to add and subtract numbers, I kind of lay there staring at the wall/ceiling/pillow thinking "Man, I wish I was falling back asleep" but not actually falling back asleep. Victory!

In other news, I'm rooting my phone this weekend. I'm slightly nervous, but mostly excited.


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